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Monday, August 30, 2004

We meet some Alabama delegates.

They were quite charming, though this man tells me he voted for Kennedy in 1960!

Well, we all make mistakes in our youth. There are certainly a few youthful marriages I'd prefer to forget.

That is, so long as I keep the alimony! Posted by Hello

The fetching leader of our Privatize the Park initiative. Posted by Hello

We were well protected by Secret Service. Thanks for lending us your man, Dick! Posted by Hello

I rest along the way. Beside me is Reverend Jim, a Unitarian minister who opposes the actions of this Administration! However, he informs me that there are many wealthy Unitarians, so I'll see about some outreach. He seemed very well bred for a member of the middle classes. Still, remember what they say about the poor man and the eye of a needle! Posted by Hello

We show off our recently acquired properties. Posted by Hello

The march sets off. Posted by Hello

Our rally begins at the Sherman Statue. Posted by Hello

Jen Trivication on our stretch, stretch limousine. Posted by Hello

Alan Greenspend at some well-needed rest. Posted by Hello

No, paparazzi! No! Posted by Hello

Cooling off after croquet. Note scruffy paparazzo in background. Posted by Hello

Croquet and Politics


Today was a big day for the Billionaires. Of course, come to think of it, every day is a big day for billionaires, but this was special. This morning, we had a croquet game on the Great Lawn. That one was a near miss, actually - my assistant Lotte tells me that some rabble of the middle class had wanted to use the lawn for some kind of protest, but luckily the Mayor is one of us (four times over -- congratulations, Mike!) and he made sure to clear it for us. We had a lovely time playing croquet and badminton, though the paparazzi were simply swarming.

After that we went on to the Million Billionaire March. I was awfully glad to have had a bit of croquet in the morning, because the march was serious business! Some people think that we Billionaires have nothing to worry about, but I think that march proved them wrong. It takes an awful lot to get a Billionaire off her yacht and into sticky New York in the summer, and everyone was there, from Phil T. Rich to Phillmore Barrels.

We had a lot to talk about at the march. We came out to thank our beloved President for all he's done for us - in just the few short years of his term, he managed to cut taxes on the wealthiest 1% (that's us, and our most favored assistants) by $1.1 trillion! In addition to thanking the President, we wanted to thank the average taxpayer, as well: Bush taxes wages (that’s how they make money), not wealth (how we make money). His tax cuts saved millionaires 140 times what they saved the average working family. Thanks working families!

We also marched to warn people about that nouveau-riche upstart John Kerry. That class traitor wants to get rid of the tax cuts for the very wealthiest Americans! Darling, can you imagine what would happen to our second-string polo team?

It's a bit worrying, really. At the moment it's lonely at the top, and I hope to keep it that way.

Thanks be to the almighty Dollar, our employees in the media have been covering our events positively. Below, I've included a few choice clippings.

I've also included some pictures for you to peruse at your pleasure.

Ta for now, darlings! I'm off to join Jenna and Barbara for the RGA do at the Palace.

-- Dee

Sunday, August 29, 2004

A few of our little group...Phillmore Barrells and Bill Eons look smashing, don't they? Posted by Hello