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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Party for Bush!

Sweetest ones,

Our dearest George W. Bush will be blessing our little town with his presence once again!

This Monday, September 20th, he will be attending a little party for some of his biggest donors at the Sheraton at 53d street and 7th avenue.

Of course, many Billionaires will be at the event. Some of you may not know this, but nearly half of our nation's billionaires have given money to Bush - while only 37 misguided billionaires have given money to Kerry.

With 90% of Bush's individual campaign contributions coming from the very wealthiest, and 80% of his PAC money coming from business interests, one can expect that the Billionaires will be there to welcome him to town!

I will be attending high tea before the event, but hope to get a glimpse of my favorite possession, the President himself. And of course, I hope to see all of you, my compatriots in the nation of wealth.

One Dollar One Vote,

Dee Regulation


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