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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Singles Auction - Block the...

Darlings -

On Tuesday, October 12, America Coming Together will be sponsoring a singles auction to further its dastardly plan to mobilize voters. At their affair, at the Slipper Room at 7:30, ACT will be auctioning off celebrities like Moby and Quentin Heggs.

The Billionaires, of course, are wildly opposed to such a thing as voting. As you know, we feel that we deserve to get our money's worth, and keep our man in for eight full years - after all, that's what we paid for. We're a bit afraid that he may lose the popular vote again if ACT keeps this up, and so we're having our servants work just as hard as they can on our Block the Vote campaign.

So, an invitation is hereby issued to all my Billionaire friends and neighbors -- don't let rabble rousers like Moby and Jay McInerney have their way!

Come to the Singles Auction. Bring your staff. We'll Block the Vote...and I suppose, if we're successful, we'll block something else as well.

your favorite footsoldier in the class war,



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