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Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Yes Men


Last night I stopped in at a lovely party for The Yes Men, a fabulous organization of Bush and globalization supporters who are celebrating the opening of their movie.

The Yes Men use refreshing, original tactics to promote global capitalism and the politicians who make it possible. For example, while working for the WTO, they designed a suit that allows executives to keep track of all their workers at all times, and presented it to a group of businessmen and women in Finland. They explained to the conference what a step up globalization is from slavery. I happen to agree. This compassionate conservative thinks foreign workers deserve every cent of their dollar a week!

The Yes Men have been travelling the country lately to promote our President's agenda. Yes Bush Can have been travelling the country, promoting such worthy causes as clear-cutting our national parks to get our hands on all that good lumber! They recommend a new mascot, Smokey the Log, for our parks. You can hear his song here.

Thank heavens we're not alone. After that unfortunate little debate on Thursday, I'm glad to have so many good people on our side.

In Solvent Solidarity,



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